Deforestation causes and consequences 

Some of the causes of deforestation:

1.Agriculture needs

2.building houses,industries

3.for furniture 

4.for medicines,rubber,gums

and also been caused due to

5.forest fires



Some of the consequences of deforestation:

1. Decrease in amount of oxygen warming 

3.Soil erosion


5.Decrease in rainfall


Clinical thermometer

Clinical thermometer:

  •    It is an instrument which is used to measure the temperature of the body.
  •    It’s range is 35 – 42 degree celsius.

Reading of a clinical thermometer:

  1. See the mercury level in the thermometer is below 35 degree celsius
  2. If not give jerks to bring back the mercury level below 35 degree celsius
  3. clean the thermometer with antiseptic solution
  4. After measuring, read the thermometer by placing straight to your eye level
  5. Always hold the opposite site of thermometer while taking reading

Safety measures to be followed with clinical thermometer

  1. Do not break the bulb while jerking
  2. Do not keep it under direct sun.
  3. Do not keep it under flame*taken from